Opposite but complementary , Beatrice and Sara create a fluid and unique equation, elevating the design to its most contemporary aspect.



A multifaceted designer, she combines technique and creativity to create multi-sensorial works and experiences. Inspired by what surrounds her and her stimuli, she continually renews her thinking and broadens it, giving the result uniqueness and beauty.

Emotions are the fundamental ingredient and, playing on their contrast, creates projects of balance, reflection and change that lead the user to a new conception of the present, pushing him to question himself about the future.

With the aim of enhancing the details, he seeks quality in raw materials and enhances it with clean shapes and contrasting colors with which he skillfully tests new combinations.

Unreservedly, it does not limit experimentation in order to create timeless compositions.

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He has a curious, determined and precise personality, like the modus operandi that defines his design method.

In each of his projects, precise stylistic, chromatic and material choices emerge.

Born in Rome, she has been working and living in Milan since 2015. She graduated in Interior design with a thesis on the concept of recovery and protection of collective memory in a future that goes beyond 2050.

A young artist engaged in the multidisciplinary exploration of sectors such as design, architecture, exhibition and graphics, and who interprets and reworks her everyday life in multiple scenarios.

Fascinated by the unexpected colorful world of “The invisible cities” Beatrice tries to relive that reality, imagining to visualize non-existent panoramas in which to find one's own dimension and reinvent oneself.

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